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KPS Health Plans

Large Groups (50+ employees)

For large groups, it is especially true that one plan does not fit all. That's why KPS customizes each large group plan, to ensure the appropriate annual deductibles, coinsurance maximums, copays, and coinsurance are included. Additional riders are also available to further enhance your plan.

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Medicare Supplement

KPS has provided Medicare Supplement Plans for over 30 years. We offer a choice of affordable plans, discount program for prescription drugs, friendly, knowledgeable customer service and freedom to choose your own providers without a referral.

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Federal Employees (FEHB)

The Federal Employees Benefits program plans have the comprehensive benefit you value, including: Dental Care, Alternative Care, Wellness Program, Vision Coverage and Worldwide Coverage.

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School Districts

KPS Health Plans can keep you and your family healthy throughout the school year, and summer too.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

An HSA is a savings account used to cover medical costs. Used with a high deductible health plan (HDHP), these accounts cover qualified medical items not paid by the policy, tax free.

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